Our coffee

Specialty coffee makes up only 5% of the world’s production of coffee. The best 5%.

These coffees are purchased from farmers who grow coffee in the best settings in the world, with the best practices in the world, and sold to people who care about every last detail.

All coffee has a similar supply chain: farmer, miller, exporter, importer, roaster, and consumer. Amazing coffee isn’t about eliminating any of those people, but rather strengthening the relationship between each of those people. With better relationships comes better transparency of payment. We strive to buy the best quality coffee that benefits the right people, the people doing the majority of the work: the farmer.

Jesse Crouse, our managing partner, has spent half of his career in coffee traveling to coffee farms and creating relationships with farmers, millers, exporters, and importers. Now, he is securing the best coffees for Plume, so we can deliver the best coffees to our customers.

Our coffees are separated into two main ideas: single origin and blends. Our single origin coffees are from a single farm, single region, cooperative, etc. Always a single country. These coffees are around to highlight the amazing intrinsic qualities coffee has to offer. Some times, they’ll be floral and light, and other times they will be round, with hints of cocoa. Check the label and description of the coffee to find out what type of personality each coffee has.

Our blends are made up of delicious coffees to instill a specific use or flavor profile. We have blends that work great as espresso, or are roasted a littler darker, or are engineered to be an easy drinker. Each of our blends are delicious, and you won’t go wrong with any of them.

Thanks for following along, and trying our coffees!