Better Coffee, Better Day

We came together in search of a better cup of coffee; today, we’re four coffee-curious guys, plus a coffee-connoisseur—our Rogue Roaster—who has been cooking up beans for over 15 years. Our hope, for this journey we are on, is to truly grasp what makes a great cup of coffee, and to also help inform others who are curious about the nuances between an Ethiopian and a Rwandan, or a high-note versus a low-note coffee.

The word “plume” connotes something—such as smoke, steam, or feathers—that rises into the air. To the founders of this coffee venture, it represents the foam (the “bloom”) that results as boiling water hits fresh coffee grounds, causing the grounds to grow and rise; it also speaks to the promise of a city on the rise. The plume is a visual indicator of coffee freshness, and speaks to the Plume Coffee & Roastery ethos: “Better Coffee, Better Day.”

Plume Coffee & Roastery started with a simple purpose: bring more delicious, quality coffee to Buffalo, New York, and then the world.

Plume Coffee & Roastery is a social venture that aims to be a high growth business and contribute to the community in the process. Plume taps into the “locavore” movement: its coffee appeals to customers who are interested to buy products that are sourced directly and transparently, and are prepared by local artisan producers (rather than by large corporations).

Plume Coffee & Roastery is a commercial roaster with customers which include restaurants and cafés, hotels, banquet facilities, caterers, bakeries, and corporate clients. In the near future, Plume will be selling to individual consumers from its website, and will ship across the country. For more information, please contact us at plume@plumecoffee.com.